The Service of Minori Corporation
The outsourcer of the export business
The supply of the parts produced by the foreign manufactures!
The outsourcer of the export business
In our company the Opto-Electronics products as the core products have been supplying through the sales networks of our foreign business partners to a lot of excellent customers building the certain business lines.
If you allow us to let your products on the lines and/or the networks, you can get the sales of your products which are very high cost performance.
■ Sales Points
*An efficient business can be developed because our business partner who has special knowledge is in each country of the world.
*There is not only the daily communication by Internet E-mail, Fax and the telephone but also we have the business meetings regularly of irregularly with our business partners in order to maintain the smooth and nice communication.
*There are various kinds of logistics such as Air cargo, Ocean Vessel, EMS, etc. which we use to supply the goods timely to the clients.
*Since we pay in cash in the end of the next month after our settlement day at the end of each month basically however the amount of the payment is large or small, it can contribute to your cash flow improvement.