The Service of Minori Corporation
The outsourcer of the export business
The supply of the parts produced by the foreign manufactures!
The supply of the parts produced by the foreign manufactures!
“Though I know that it is cheap, I worry about the imported electronics components.”
Do you think so and hesitate to introduce them to your production? You don’t need to worry about it.
In short, it depends on the manufacturer. According to our experience, we have selected the certain manufactures from the numbers of them who really are enough to be trusted and highly organized, and we are importing the goods of the quality from them.
■ Sales Points
*If the parts which you use for your products have been discontinued, you have to spend a lot of time and money to change the design, remake the PCB, etc., which realy costs a lot.
*We can supply the equivalent parts made in foreign countries to you in order to let you continue the manufacturing without spending a lot of expense.
*Our selected manufactures can supply you more flexible correspondence than Japanese manufacturers, and it is possible for the demand such as the custom-made, etc.
*It can provide the quick delivery service with the service with the high cost performance to select the most adequate logistics from the various kinds such as Air cargo, Ocean Vessel, DHL, EMS, etc.